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<1> Register on the site with the status of «Artist» or «Seller of paintings.»
<2> Post your work.
<3> Wait for a message from a potential buyer. The message made in the chat will be sent to your email.
<4> Immediately reply to the message and discuss with the buyer all the conditions and details of the transaction.

    CHNIPS only gives you the opportunity to publish your picture and exchange messages with potential buyers. ChNIPS has no relation to your agreements and transactions with the buyer, and does not want to have it.
    For the convenience of your communication with the counterparty, it is recommended to exchange contact information with him in order not to have dependence on PNRP and communicate without intermediaries.

Current restrictions

    CHNIPS provides an opportunity to register for free and publish up to 20 works. Publications are perpetual.
    Every publication automatically updates the date every 30 days.
    If you need additional preferences (for example, a more frequent update of the publication date, an increase in the limit of the number of publications, etc.), send your suggestions and wishes to e-male — we will agree.
    CHNIPS is not a commercial enterprise, but a personal project of a private person who loves art. He does not have firm tariffs for services, but charitable support will be useful.

Message to artists from the administrator

Dear artists and authors of publications!

Using the authority of the author of this project and the gallery administrator, I dare to give you some tips on how to work with this site.

About avatar. Do not ignore the ability to upload your avatar. Yes, perhaps this is not done in the best way, it takes some time and effort, but your image is certainly worth it, and the avatar will present you in a much more favorable light than the area filler I use. For these purposes, a picture of 300×300 pixels is best suited.

About the display name. Your real name is surely better than any pseudonym, and even more so — an unpronounceable character set. If you are determined to keep your incognito, then choose a sonorous and easily remembered creative pseudonym.

About the job description. Do not reject the possibility of filling this field with anything, because: Firstly, it may be useful additional information about the work that will enhance the impression of your work. Secondly, this text is often used by search engines both for inclusion in search results and for displaying these results. Thirdly, some social networks publish a part of the description text when displaying a link to the product page. Fourthly, you can enter your contact details here, making it easier for interested people to contact you, and the speed of sending a direct message will be significantly higher than through the chat of this site.

Invite everyone to the gallery. Know: your colleagues are not competitors, but assistants in promoting your work. The more authors are represented in the gallery, the more published works — the more visitors to the site and, accordingly, the higher the rating of the site and the more visitors. The wider the gallery audience, the more likely the sale of your work. What I sincerely wish you.

You can contact the administrator at the above address:

CHNIPS wishes you effective sales, pleasant acquaintances, creative success, as well as all the best.

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